Develop ineo+ 25 / Konica Minolta* Bizhub C25

Develop ineo+ 25 / Konica Minolta* Bizhub C25

From £895

The Develop ineo+ 25 / Konica Minolta* bizhub C25 is the colour all-in-one for all-round administration.
No matter which trade or industry, similar needs unite back offices in different environments: Whether order processing, sales administration, accounting, logistics or else, busy back office teams everywhere need direct and instant access to a versatile multifunctional output device so they can process enquiries, orders, delivery notes and similar documents without delay.

Perfect for this purpose, the Develop ineo+ 25 offers the comprehensive capabilities of a fully featured A4 colour all-in-one. This is the ideal compact in- and output device for locations that require full versatility but don’t have a lot of room to spare. Combining printing, copying and scanning in colour and b/w as well as fax capabilities in a single system, the Develop ineo+ 25 impresses with its all-round functionality.

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